living in a city space is quite limited…carving out a little corner to plant a few herbs or a little patch of beautiful plants creates the opportunity to get your hands dirty, grow some of your own edibles and connect with the earth while residing in an urban jungle.

this blog is about connecting… with the earth, your food and the people around us every day.

have a plant/garden question? send us an email!  a delicious recipe to share? we love those! just want to say hello? we’d love to hear from you!

along the way we’ll share our stops along the road, our favorite recipes and our own kitchen and garden experiments.  stop by ‘chit chat’ to view some projects we’ve been working on for others helping them get their own little urban oasis started…

send us a note! threegirlsandagarden@gmail.com


* the seed for 3 girls and a garden was planted with love in brooklyn, ny.