jam WOW!

part of my craftiness is that i love to cook.  i didn’t grow up in a cooking household… though my mother would argue that she did chef it up on occasion.  my culinary adventures have mostly been in my adult life and i am intrigued with the science of baking, canning and pickling…  this leads me to wednesday night and jam.

my friend stacey has been my cooking class cohort.  we’ve taken winter soups, pickling and upcoming is a fish class but late one night, both having a bout of insomnia we found ourselves emailing back and forth about this jam making class… so we signed up.

we showed up, never quite sure what to expect… and there we were.  learning to make jam!  it is relatively easy and i totally recommend taking the class with Laena from anarchy in a jar. She was totally inspiring with her experimentation with flavor combinations… and she just made it all look so darn easy. ( sign of a true pro ) and the best part was sampling her jams while the jars we had made went into the hot bath to seal… WOW! i am still in a jam, cheese and bread haze…. i can’t say enough except run, don’t walk to her next jam making class!!

A big thank you to Ted and Amy Supper Club for hosting the evening…

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