the Royal Wedding isn’t the only thing going on in the UK…

Our UK correspondent Mia has sent along a photo update about the progress in her garden…

Hi it is Mia.

I have just potted my plants this one as you can see is my corn it grows very tall. First I put soil in the pot after that I took out the plant and put it in to the other pot and made a hole in the soil and put the plant in it and then cover it up so you can’t see anything. After you have done that you have to water them.

growing things in england.

I would like to introduce Mia.

She will be guest blogging about her growing adventures in England with updates throughout the season giving us a peek into her botanical experiments as she grows vegetables and flowers. Enjoy!

Hello. My name is Mia. I am 8 years old and I live in England.

I have been growing all sorts of plants, like corn, tomatoes, marigolds, beetroot, garlic and potatoes.

I had lots of fun planting them. This is a picture of garlic, tomato and beetroot. The tomato and beetroot started as a seed which we put into the soil and kept the seed trays covered and put them on the window ledge.
You have to keep them covered until they grow.

This is a picture of my corn. At the start the seed looked like popcorn.

This is a picture of my marigolds.

These are my potatoes. They are on the window ledge chitting. After they sprout we can plant them.